HRQL was similar in both groups regarding self-evaluation, wherea

HRQL was similar in both groups regarding self-evaluation, whereas it was perceived as being worse by the parents of children with migraine. Children with migraine had a worse school and emotional quality of life as determined

by self-perception. According to the perception Selleck ICG-001 of the parents, children with migraine had a worse general, physical, and psychosocial quality of life. Absenteeism from school activities, household tasks, and leisure was not correlated with HRQL. Although migraine was a cause of school absenteeism, most of the children with migraine showed little or no disability regarding daily life activities and their quality of life was similar to that of children without headache. “
“To evaluate the prevalence of KCNK18 gene mutations in a dataset of Italian migraineurs, with and without aura, and in healthy controls, and to investigate in silico the functional effects of the mutations. A role for the KCNK18 gene encoding for TRESK, a member of the family of potassium channel, has been recently suggested in migraine with aura. We sequenced the KCNK18 gene in 425 migraineurs (255 with aura and 170

without aura) and 247 healthy controls. Five genetic variants (R10G, C110R, Y163Y, S231P, and F372L) were found in 13 (5.1%) out of 255 migraine with check details aura patients, and 6 variants (R10G, D46D, C110R, Y163Y, S178T, and S231P) were identified in 12 (7.1%) out of 170 migraine without aura patients. In 2.8% of controls, the R10G and L20V substitutions were found.

In silico analysis suggested that C110R, S178T, S231P, and F372L mutations may have potential damaging effect on channel function, whereas the remaining mutations may have low damaging effect. Our study shows the presence of several KCNK18 gene mutations in both migraine with aura and migraine without aura. However, the precise role of this gene in migraine predisposition deserves further studies. “
“The notion of migraine attacks triggered by food and beverages has been posited for centuries. Red wine in particular has been acknowledged as a migraine trigger Parvulin since antiquity when Celsus (25 B.C.-50 A.D.) described head pain after drinking wine. Since then, references to the relationship between alcohol ingestion and headache attacks are numerous. The most common initiator of these attacks among alcoholic beverages is clearly wine. The aim of this review is to present and discuss the available literature on wine and headache. A Medline search with the terms headache, migraine, and wine was performed. Data available on books and written material about wine and medicine as well as abstracts on alcohol, wine, and headache available in the proceedings of major headache meetings in the last 30 years were reviewed. In addition, available technical literature and websites about wine, grapes, and wine making were also evaluated. Full papers specifically on headache and wine are scarce.

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