In plants, NA appears to be involved in iron availability and is

In plants, NA appears to be involved in iron availability and is essential for the plant to complete its biological cycle. In graminaceous plants, NA is also the precursor in the biosynthesis of phytosiderophores. Arabidopsis lines accumulating 4- and 100-fold more NA than wild-type plants were used in order to evaluate the impact of such an NA overaccumulation on iron homeostasis. The expression

of iron-regulated genes including the IRT1/FRO2 iron uptake system is highly induced at the transcript level JQ1 cost under both iron-sufficient and iron-deficient conditions. Nevertheless, NA overaccumulation does not interfere with the iron uptake mechanisms selleck chemical since the iron levels are similar in the NA-overaccumulating line and wild-type plants in both roots and leaves under both sufficient and deficient conditions. This observation also suggests that the translocation of iron from the root to the shoot is not affected in the NA-overaccumulating line. However, NA overaccumulation triggers an enhanced sensitivity to iron starvation, associated with

a decrease in iron availability. This study draws attention to a particular phenotype where NA in excess paradoxically leads to iron deficiency, probably because of an increase of the NA apoplastic pool sequestering iron. This finding strengthens the notion that extracellular NA in the apoplast could be a major checkpoint to control plant iron homeostasis.”
“Objectives Physical activity (PA) is increasingly discussed as a means Ulixertinib cell line to achieve both physical and psychological benefits for breast cancer patients and survivors. However, little is known about activity-specific PA behavior following diagnosis. Our objectives were to describe sports and active transportation

in the course of breast cancer and to identify factors associated with these activities. Methods We used data from a German cohort study including 1067 postmenopausal breast cancer survivors aged 50-75years. Data were collected about walking and bicycling for transportation purposes and sports before diagnosis, during therapy, and 1year after surgery. Associations between these activities and clinical, behavioral, and social characteristics were analyzed with logistic regression. Results The proportions of physically active women decreased significantly during therapy compared with before diagnosis (walking: 75.1% vs. 89.7%; bicycling: 19.3% vs. 56.5%; sports: 14.8% vs. 64.5%; all p<0.001). Calisthenics, swimming, and walking for exercise were the most frequent types of sport. Chemotherapy/radiotherapy was negatively associated with sports (odds ratio [OR]: 0.35 [0.17-0.73]) but positively associated with walking during therapy (OR: 2.08 [1.04-4.15]).

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The main findings were: (i) prepig ICC transplantation patients h

The main findings were: (i) prepig ICC transplantation patients had antibodies reactive with terminal alpha-GalNAc (e.g. the Forssman antigen, but not the blood group A determinant in blood group A patients), alpha-Gal (except blood group B determinants in B individuals), beta 3-linked Gal especially

Gal beta 1,3GlcNAc even if terminally sulfated or sialylated, beta-GlcNAc except if beta 1,3-linked and oligomannosyl compounds; (ii) the titers of all carbohydrate-specific antibodies detected before transplantation rose after transplantation; (iii) the kinetics of the antibody responses differed between patients; (iv) in some patients antibodies reacting with Gal alpha 1,3Le(x) and several structures terminated with Neu5Gc appeared after transplantation. In conclusion, anti-alpha-Gal antibodies are the SB202190 nmr predominant anticarbohydrate antibodies detected after porcine ICC transplantation, with some patients also developing Neu5Gc-specific antibodies. Their clinical significance needs to be established.”
“Infantile ZD1839 purchase spasms (or West syndrome) Occur occasionally in patients with branched-chain

organic acidurias. We describe a patient diagnosed with methylmalonic aciduria at 4.5 months of age during an episode of metabolic decompensation. The child was developmentally delayed and hypotonic; his electroencephalography (EEC) showed hypsarrythmia and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated moderate abnormalities in the globi pallidi. Following the failure

of vigabatrin and lamotrigine to control the spasms, hydrocortisone was introduced. Methylmalonic acid excretion increased at the onset of steroid therapy but was rapidly corrected with transient protein restriction and initiation of metronidazole therapy. Full control of spasms and hypsarrythmia permitted the discontinuation of hydrocortisone therapy a year following its initiation. Tone and development improved although the latter remained delayed. This case illustrates the importance of screening for inborn errors of metabolism in seizure disorders, and that, although challenging, the management of methylmalonic aciduria with concurrent steroid therapy is possible and beneficial.”
“Purpose of the research: As the number of men living with prostate cancer is increasing worldwide, the requirement buy AZD7762 for follow up care also grows. This study was undertaken to evaluate nurse-led, telephone follow up, for men with low to intermediate risk prostate cancer treated with radical radiotherapy when compared with medical follow up.

Methods and sample: A non-randomized, two-cohort, comparative study. 169 men diagnosed with prostate cancer were recruited from outpatient clinics at a tertiary cancer centre in Australia. 83 men were recruited to cohort 1 (control) (51 low to intermediate risk; 32 high risk) and 86 to cohort 2 (intervention) (51 low to intermediate risk; 35 high risk).

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The FRET signals from multiple chambers are simultaneously monito

The FRET signals from multiple chambers are simultaneously monitored under a fluorescent microscope for long-time observation and the on-chip results are compared with those from 96-well plate study and the methylthiazolyldiphenyl-tetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay. The microfluidic platform shows several advantages including high-throughput capacity, low drug consumption, and high sensitivity. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3398319]“
“Objective: Chromosome 22q11 microdeletion syndrome (del22q11) is the most frequent microdeletion syndrome in humans, with an estimated incidence of 1/4000. It is recognized as a common identifiable cause

of cleft palate. We characterized palatal abnormalities in a large cohort of Chilean patients with del22q11.

Methods: Patients with the deletion were evaluated by geneticists Sapanisertib mw and

speech pathologists, including nasopharyngoscopy when indicated. SNDX-275 Comparisons between groups with and without palatal abnormalities were performed using Fisher’s exact test and Mann-Whitney U test.

Results: Two hundred and one patients were included in the study. Palate abnormalities were present in 154 patients (76.6%). The most frequent finding was submucous cleft palate (both classic and occult forms) seen in 80 patients (39.8% of the total group). Overt cleft palate or cleft lip/palate was seen in 30 patients (14.9%). Patients without palate abnormalities had significantly greater frequency of congenital heart disease and higher mortality.

Conclusions: Our data show a high frequency of palate abnormalities without significant association with congenital heart disease. The most common types of palate defects seen in this series are usually not evident on physical examination and thus require a high index of suspicion and active evaluation through nasopharyngoscopy. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“We demonstrated SN-38 cost a simple method for the device design of a staggered herringbone micromixer (SHM) using

numerical simulation. By correlating the simulated concentrations with channel length, we obtained a series of concentration versus channel length profiles, and used mixing completion length L(m) as the only parameter to evaluate the performance of device structure on mixing. Fluorescence quenching experiments were subsequently conducted to verify the optimized SHM structure for a specific application. Good agreement was found between the optimization and the experimental data. Since L(m) is straightforward, easily defined and calculated parameter for characterization of mixing performance, this method for designing micromixers is simple and effective for practical applications. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3427240]“
“Objective: Electrical stimulation by a cochlear implant (CI) induces maturation of the auditory system and reorganization of the auditory cortex in deaf children.

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Results: The study on these data sets reveals that RSM can be use

Results: The study on these data sets reveals that RSM can be used successfully to elucidate the important environmental factors influencing the transmission of the disease by analysing short epidemiological time series. Rabusertib The proposed approach has high predictive ability over relatively long time horizons.

Conclusions: This method promises to provide reliable forecast of malaria incidence across varying environmental conditions,

which may help in designing useful control programmes for malaria.”
“The effects of CO2 enrichment on the growth and glucosinolate (GS) concentrations in the bolting stem of Chinese kale (Brassica alboglabra L.) treated with three nitrogen (N) concentrations (5, 10, and 20 mmol/L) were investigated. Height, stem thickness, and dry weights of the total aerial parts, bolting stems, and roots, as well as the root to shoot ratio, significantly increased as CO2 concentration was elevated from 350 to 800 mu l/L at each N concentration. In the edible part of the bolting stem, 11 individual

GSs were identified, including 7 aliphatic and 4 indolyl GSs. GS concentration was affected by the elevated CO2 concentration, N concentration, and CO(2)xN interaction. At 5 and 10 mmol N/L, the concentrations of aliphatic GSs and total GSs significantly increased, whereas those of indolyl GSs were not affected, by elevated atmospheric CO2. However, at 20 mmol N/L, elevated CO2 had no significant effects on the concentrations of total GSs and total indolyl GSs, but the concentrations 20s Proteasome activity of total aliphatic GSs significantly increased. Moreover, the bolting stem carbon (C) content increased, whereas the N and sulfur (S) contents decreased under elevated CO2 selleck chemicals concentration in the three N treatments, resulting in changes in the C/N and N/S ratios. Also the C/N ratio is not a reliable predictor of change of GS concentration, while the changes in N and S contents and the N/S ratio at the elevated CO2 concentration may influence the GS concentration in Chinese kale bolting stems. The

results demonstrate that high nitrogen supply is beneficial for the growth of Chinese kale, but not for the GS concentration in bolting stems, under elevated CO2 condition.”
“Endoscopic investigation of small bowel pathology in children has historically been difficult due to location, length and tortuosity of the small bowel. Recently, video capsule endoscopy and balloon-assisted enteroscopy techniques have evolved as new diagnostic tools and are increasingly used in the paediatric population. In this review the current literature is appraised to define the clinical indications and practical aspects of capsule endoscopy and balloon-assisted enteroscopy in children. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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RESULTS: During a mean follow-up of 3 9 years in each group, exte

RESULTS: During a mean follow-up of 3.9 years in each group, extended-course compared with short-course prophylaxis provided a sustained protective benefit with a lifetime CMV incidence of 12% vs 55%, respectively (hazard ratio, 0.13; 95% confidence interval, 0.03-0.61; p = 0.009), an effect that persisted after adjustment for clinical risk factors. Patients in each group underwent a comparable number of peripheral blood draws and bronchoscopies.

Post-transplant white blood cell, neutrophil, and platelet counts were similar between each treatment group during the course of follow-up.

CONCLUSION: Extending valganciclovir prophylaxis to 12 months provides 3-MA chemical structure a durable long-term CMV protective benefit compared with short-course therapy, without increasing adverse hematologic effects. J Heart Lung Transplant 2011;30:990-6 (C) 2011 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation. All rights reserved.”
“The Nd-Fe-B bulk magnets with a slab shape of 0.9 x 4 x 15 mm(3) were prepared by CAL-101 manufacturer injection casting into a copper mold. The effects of applying a magnetic field during the casting process on the magnetic properties and microstructure of Nd9.5Fe71.5Ti2.5Zr0.5Cr1B14.5C0.5 alloy have been studied. The results show that the sample cast with magnetic field has a stronger (00L) texture of Nd2Fe14B phase with the c-axis perpendicular to the slab plane than the sample cast

without magnetic field. The intensity of the texture weakens from surface to inner region of the bulk magnets. Applying a magnetic field during the casting process is helpful to refine the grain

size effectively. As a result, the magnetic properties are improved from B-r=5.8 kG, H-i(c) = 6.5 kOe, and (BH)(max) = 5.9 MGOe for the sample cast without magnetic field to B-r=6.1 kG, H-i(c) = 10.3 kOe, and (BH)(max) = 7.3 MGOe for the sample cast with a 3.7 kOe magnetic field. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3556913]“
“Objective. The aim of this study was to evaluate, using computer simulation, the amount of interference between the proximal and distal segments of the mandible incurred by 3 different VX-680 osteotomy methods.

Study design. With the 3-dimensional facial computerized tomography data of 20 patients showing mandibular prognathism with asymmetry, simulation surgeries of conventional sagittal split ramus osteotomy (SSRO), intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy (IVRO), or short lingual osteotomy (SLO) was performed. The distal segments were moved backward (3, 6, or 9 mm) and rotated (2 degrees, 4 degrees, or 6 degrees). The amounts of interference between the proximal and distal segments of the mandible were measured and statistically analyzed.

Results. Conventional SSRO demonstrated the greatest interference between the proximal and distal segments of the mandibles (P<.01), followed by IVRO and SLO. SLO showed less interference than IVRO in mild asymmetry cases (P<.

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X-ray diffraction (XRD) revealed the as-synthesized Ta2O5 transfo

X-ray diffraction (XRD) revealed the as-synthesized Ta2O5 transforms from amorphous to hexagonal and ortho-rhombic structures at the temperatures of 700 degrees C and 750 degrees C, respectively, Pevonedistat illustrating the suppression of recrystallization temperature of Ta2O5 due to the particle size reduction. UV-curable nanocomposites containing the Ta2O5 nanoparticles and acrylic matrix were also prepared. Thermogravimetry analysis (TGA) found an about 10-20 degrees C improvement on the 5% weight-loss thermal decomposition temperatures (T(d)s). Dielectric

measurement showed that the dielectric constant of nanocomposite increases with the increase in the filler loading without severe deterioration of dielectric loss. The increment of dielectric constants was ascribed to the addition of high-dielectric inorganic fillers as well as the presence of interfacial polarization

at the organic/inorganic interfaces. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 117: 1252-1259, 2010″
“We propose a method to excite and detect the mechanical modes of dielectric microspheres. The mechanical modes are excited by simultaneously imposing static GSK1210151A in vivo and harmonic magnetic fields on the spheres. They are monitored by simultaneously exciting and tracking the whispering gallery optical modes of the spheres. An analysis is carried out to investigate the relationship between the applied magnetic field and the corresponding whispering gallery mode shifts. Experiments were carried out to demonstrate the proposed magnetic field-induced excitation and optical detection method. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3452363]“
“Background: Microdeletions of 14q22q23 have been associated with eye abnormalities and pituitary defects. Other phenotypic features in deletion carriers including hearing loss and response to growth hormone therapy are less well recognized. We studied genotype and phenotype of three newly identified children with 14q22q23 deletions, two girls and one boy with bilateral anophthalmia, and

compared them with previously published deletion patients and individuals with intragenic defects in genes residing in the region.

Results: The three deletions were de novo and ranged in size between 5.8 and 8.9 Mb. All three children lacked one copy of the OTX2 gene and in one of them the deletion involved also the BMP4 gene. All three patients presented partial conductive hearing loss which tended to improve with age. Analysis of endocrine and growth phenotypes showed undetectable anterior pituitary, growth hormone deficiency and progressive growth retardation in all three patients. Growth hormone therapy led to partial catch-up growth in two of the three patients but just prevented further height loss in the third.

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Neither did the cry1

Conclusion There was no circadi

Neither did the cry1.

Conclusion. There was no circadian rhythm of bmal1 and cry1 in PBMC of preterm neonates in our NICU.”
“The objective of this study was to extract and determine total contents of phenolic and flavonoid compounds as well as to identify and quantify some flavonoids from sarang semut (Myrmecodia pendan). Water bath extraction at 55 degrees C was employed for extracting flavonoids from sarang semut. The effects of parameters such as extraction time, composition of solvent mixture and solvent to sample CT99021 order ratio on extraction were investigated. From (3(3)) factorial design the optimum extracting parameters were

determined as follows: extraction time, 4h; ethanol/water composition, 80%; and solvent to sample ratio, 50 ml/g. Under these optimal conditions, a yield of 13.82% was obtained. The free radical scavenging activity (antioxidant activity) of the extract was evaluated using DPPH radical and it was found that the IC50 occurred at 96.21 +/- 9.03 mu g/ml of extract. The total phenol and flavonoid contents were determined using designed methods and found to be 330.61 +/- 2.13 mg GAE/g and 63.28 +/- 1.75 mg QE/g of dry extract, respectively. The extract

obtained under optimum conditions was analyzed by HPLC and five flavonoid compounds were identified and quantified; they are kaempferol see more (13.767 mg/g), luteoline (0.005 mg/g), rutine (0.003 mg/g). quercetin (0.030 mg/g) and apigenin (4.700 mg/g) of dry extract. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.”
“Unexplained pain is a key non-motor symptom (NMS) of Parkinson’s disease (PD) that LY2090314 inhibitor is prevalent throughout the condition and often unrecognized and under treated. We have identified a cluster of patients with unexplained refractory and intrusive lower limb pain.

Methods: Patients with ‘unexplained’ pain were identified from a survey using a non-motor symptom questionnaire and scale (NMSQuest, NMSS).

Patients reporting unexplained severe proximal lower limb pain were then assessed using a newly devised PD pain scale. Co-morbid conditions were excluded and all had lower spine imaging.

Results: From a cohort of 225 patients we have identified 22 with unexplained lower limb pain described as persistent leg pain ranging from unilateral to bilateral sometimes associated with whole body pain. None had significant spinal pathology or evidence of large fiber neuropathy. 14 were on regular analgesics with poor effect while 9 took morphine based remedies. Severe unremitting pain led to accidental overdose and death in one patient. All took a combination of levodopa and dopamine agonist treatment including 3 on intrajejunal levodopa infusion. All had high NMSQuest (mean = 17/30) and NMSS (mean = 95 (normal range 30-60)) scores.

Conclusions: We believe that unexplained lower limb pain is a specific non-motor phenotype in Parkinson’s disease that is problematic and often undisclosed.

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4 months vs 2 6 months, respectively; P < 001) and class B (m

4 months vs 2.6 months, respectively; P < .001) and class B (median survival, 2.8 months vs 1.9 months, respectively; P = .002) disease. Results of multivariate analysis showed that treatment with TACE (hazard ratio, 0.263; 95% confi dence interval [CI]: 0.164, 0.424; P < .001) and Child-Pugh class A status (hazard ratio, 0.550; 95% CI: 0.368, 0.822; P = .004) were independent predictive factors of a favorable outcome.

There were no procedure-related deaths within 4 weeks after TACE, and patient morbidity was 28.9% (24 of 83 patients).

Conclusion: TACE can be performed safely and may improve the overall survival of patients with HCC and MPV invasion. (c) RSNA, 2011″
“To identify parent-reported symptoms that predict parenting stress in preschoolers

with global developmental delay, 201 parents/guardians of 142 boys and 59 girls with global delay, mean age 39.1 months (range, 18 to 63 months) were studied retrospectively. Parents completed APR-246 supplier the following: (a) a semistructured interview; (b) the Child Development Inventory, (c) Child Behavior Checklist 1 1/2-5, and the (d) Parenting Stress Index-Short Form. Forty-two percent of parents described clinically significant parenting stress (>= 85th percentile). The Parenting Stress Index-Short Form subscales Difficult Child and Parent-Child Dysfunctional Interactions were elevated. Parental stress increased with higher gross motor development and decreased as social and fine-motor ratios increased. Furthermore, stress increased when parents reported higher levels on the Emotionally Reactive and Withdrawn scale scores and when parents reported Pervasive Developmental and Oppositional

Defiant Problems. In mobile children with global delay, behavior problems predict parenting stress.”
“The objective of this experiment was to evaluate triceps brachii learn more steaks as a substitute for gluteus medius steaks in foodservice and retail applications, including the effect of aging time and USDA quality grade on the palatability of both muscles. Top sirloin butts (n = 600) and shoulder clod arm roasts (n = 600) representing US Choice and US Select quality grades were selected at 48 h postmortem and aged for 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, or 42 d. Steaks were evaluated using a trained sensory panel, slice shear force, sarcomere length, and Western blotting of desmin measurements. Sarcomere length was measured only on steaks at 14 and 42 d. Triceps brachii and gluteus medius steaks were similar in tenderness rating at 7 and 14 d, but triceps brachii steaks aged longer were more tender (P < 0.05) than were gluteus medius steaks. Triceps brachii steaks reached ultimate tenderness values by 21 d. Gluteus medius steak tenderness ratings improved through 35 d, and at 42 d were similar to those given to triceps brachii steaks at 21 d. Sarcomere lengths were longer (P < 0.05) in triceps brachii than in gluteus medius (2.09 and 1.58 mu m, respectively).

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) R Br Their structures were established by spectroscopic techni

) R.Br. Their structures were established by spectroscopic techniques including MS, IR, UV, and 2D NMR.”
“Objective: To evaluate a continuous facial nerve (FN) stimulating burr (the StimBurGard) during otologic/neurotologic procedures in terms of safety and reliability when drilling in contact with the Fallopian canal (FC) of the mastoid segment of the FN.

Study Design: Prospective clinical trial.

Setting: Tertiary referral center.

Patients: Thirty-five patients

operated through translabyrinthine (TL) approach for vestibular schwannoma removal were divided into 3 groups. Group 1 (5 patients): the stimulation current was set at 3 and then at 2 mA visualizing the localization of the burr when the first response at 100-mu V threshold was obtained in the mastoid cavity. Group 2 (15 patients): exposure of the FC in the mastoid segment during TL approach was stopped when

the first response was obtained Vorinostat at 1-mA stimulation; SRT1720 supplier FC thickness in the second genu and mastoid segment of the FC was evaluated on a postoperative computed tomographic (CT) scan, and FC dehiscence observed on CT scan was compared with surgical observation. Group 3 (15 patients), exposure of the FC was performed as routinely done during a TL approach and surgical observation of FC dehiscence; stimulation values in mA at the 100 mu V threshold and FC thickness on postoperative CT scan were evaluated. In all cases, the stimulation value at the cerebellopontine angle root of the FN with a 100-mu V response threshold was measured before tumor resection.

Results: Group 1: stimulation at 3 mA occurred in aditus ad antrum and at 2 mA near the FC. Group 2: mean thickness of 1.09 +/- 0.69 mm with 2 cases of radiologic

dehiscence of the FN. Group 3: the stimulation threshold was 0.6 +/- 0.37 mA, and the thickness was 0.41 +/- 0.56 mm with 9 cases of uncovered FN (p = 0.0082). In all patients, FN at brainstem was stimulated at 0.03 mA before VS dissection.

Conclusion: Continuous FN stimulating burr by means of the StimBurGard system is a safe and effective tool for FN stimulation and identification. The integrity of FC is preserved in most cases when the stimulation intensity is 1 mA.”
“Paraplegia click here is a serious complication of descending and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms (dTAAs and TAAAs) surgery. Motor evoked potentials (MEPs) enable monitoring the functional integrity of motor pathways during dTAA and TAAA surgery. Although MEPs are sensitive to temperature changes, there are few human data on changes of MEPs during mild and deep hypothermia. Therefore, we investigated changes of MEPs in deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA) in dTAA and TAAA surgery.

Fifteen consecutive patients undergoing dTAA and TAAA surgery using DHCA were enrolled.

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Study design Quantitative polymerase chain reaction was used to

Study design. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction was used to investigate the prevalence, quantity, risk, and correlations of salivary VZV and HSV-2 from 59 HIV-seropositive individuals Cytoskeletal Signaling inhibitor and 53 healthy control subjects in a case-control cross-sectional study. Seventy-eight percent of the HIV-seropositive

patients ( 46 out of 59) were taking HAART.

Results. VZV DNA was detected in the saliva of 5.1% ( 3 out of 59) of the HIV-positive group and in only 1 healthy control 1.9% ( 1 out of 53; P = .62). The amount of VZV DNA in the expressors was low, generally <1,100 copies/mL, with no observed difference between the HIV-positive group and the control subjects ( P = 1.0). HSV-2 DNA was not detected in either group. In the HIV-infected group, VZV shedding occurred in those on HAART, but was not associated with oral lesions, specific CD4(+) or CD8(+) T-cell levels, or demographic factors.

Conclusions. Varicella zoster virus was detected at low prevalence in the saliva of HIV-infected persons, whereas HSV-2 was not detected in the saliva of this

cohort. HAART does not appear to diminish the Selleck MAPK Inhibitor Library risk for asymptomatic VZV shedding. ( Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod 2010; 109: 232-237)”
“In-plane photoconductivity (PC) measurements in a GaN/AlN quantum dots (QDs) layer show a TM-polarized infrared (IR) peak, at 0.9 eV, and a visible-UV (vis-UV) peak, at 2.8

eV. Based on the energy and polarization dependence, the 0.9 eV is associated with the polarized S to Pz intraband transition within the QDs. The IR PC turns from positive PC (PPC) to negative PC (NPC) as temperature is raised, increasing exponentially from selleck kinase inhibitor 50 to 300 K. Vis-UV radiation renders PPC at all temperatures. Combined with vis-UV radiation, the IR PC is negative even at low temperatures. Based on these observations, we suggest a model in which IR excited carriers in the QD layer are coupled to deep levels (DLs) in the AlN barrier and turn immobile, i.e., NPC is observed. Vis-UV radiation re-excites them into the QDs, resulting in PPC. At lower temperatures coupling into the DL becomes inefficient, thus, IR excitation results in PPC. This model was translated into rate equations. Simulations based on these rate equations reproduce well the experimental results. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3498817]“
“A series of novel lipid functionalized poly(epsilon-caprolactone)s (PCLs) were synthesized through ROP of epsilon-caprolactone in the presence of threo-9,10-dihydroxyoctadecanoic acid, synthesized from oleic acid. PCLs with different molecular weights were obtained by controlling the molar ratio of the initiator to the monomer. DSC and XRD analysis indicate that the crystallinity of PCLs decreased when compared to unfunctionalized PCL.

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