Although increase in total cholesterol level became significant a

Although increase in total cholesterol level became significant at the end of the study, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, atherogenic indices (total cholesterol / HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol / HDL cholesterol), TG, apolipoprotein A1, apolipoprotein B1, lipoprotein a, leptin and adiponectin levels did not differ between baseline and week

24 suggesting that amisulpride does not induce dyslipidemia. Amisulpride is probably the antipsychotic with the most potential Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical for maximum prolactin elevation. The Halifax data found 100% hyperprolactinemia with amisulpride [Bushe and Shaw, 2007]. According to prolactin data from the cohort of 178 patients receiving antipsychotic drugs, hyperprolactinemia was measured in 33.1% and was associated with all antipsychotics except clozapine. The highest prevalence rate was found in amisulpride (n = 20) 89% [Bushe et al. 2008]. A Greek cohort (n = 17) also found 100% prevalence of hyperprolactinemia for Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical patients receiving amisulpride [Paparrigopoulos et al. 2007]. In a 6-week study with 433 female inpatients with mainly schizophrenic disorders, it was reported that amisulpride and risperidone Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical increased prolactin significantly

in 100% of patients, as early as after the first week of therapy [Svestka et al. 2007]. Many if not all of the data are of too short a duration to make definitive statements regarding the persistence of hyperprolactinemia during treatment with antipsychotics [Bushe et al. 2008]. However, there is a 5-year naturalistic study of risperidone that Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical suggests that prolactin levels may decrease over time [Eberhard et al. 2007]. In the present study we observed a significant increase in prolactin levels both in women and men in concordance with the

literature data. As shown in earlier studies [Kuruvilla et al. 1992; Melkersson et al. 2001; Jung et al. 2006; Bushe and Shaw, 2007], prolactin levels of women were significantly higher than those of men in our study. Prolactin levels continued to stay elevated over 24 weeks of treatment. Despite high prolactin levels, Inhibitors,research,lifescience,medical we observed few clinical symptoms associated with hyperprolactinemia. This raised the question whether these high levels of prolactin physiologically active or not. Hattori and Diver and colleagues stated that women Carfilzomib who suffered from hyperprolactinemia consisting mainly of the trimeric form of prolactin (macroprolactin) neither showed any clinical symptoms nor suffered from reproductive dysregulation, despite elevated prolactin selleckchem Volasertib concentrations [Hattori, 1996; Diver et al. 2001]. It is thought that these polymeric forms of prolactin can be detected by the current prolactin assays [Biller et al. 1999], but that they are not necessarily physiologically active. We certainly cannot suggest that the high levels of prolactin in our study were due to macroprolactin as we did not measure the levels of macroprolactin. There are few data about other endocrinologic effects of amisulpride in literature.

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